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How many speakers are there?

Bikepackers, start your engines! We have six speakers coming to share their passion throughout this summit. From bikepackers to bike tourers and racers, these speakers will get your gears turning and provide you with plenty of food for thought. So whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started in the sport, this summit is sure to make you want to jump on your bike.

What will happen at the summit?

We've put the utmost effort possible to provide as much variety as possible throughout the summit. With morning and afternoon group rides, ice breaker activities to get to know one another, presentations covering a plethora of bikepacking related topics and a chance to make new friends and interact with sponsors.

Will the group rides have ride leaders?

Our goal remains to have ride leaders for the Gatineau Park and gravel biking options. We will also put together the routes and share the GPX files for those that want to have a look at them ahead of time.

Will camping be an option?

There will be the option to camp at Centre Vorlage for the nights of May 24th and 25th. It is important to know that showers won't be available on location, but that there are washrooms available on location where you can give yourself a wipe-down. There is also the option to ride into town (less than a km) and jump into the river for a rinse.